Welcome Joslyn – MSU Denver at DIME Denver’s Campus Manager and Vocal Instructor!

Joslyn Ford Keel is a multi-genre singer, songwriter & producer with three Grammy nominations to her name as a contributing vocalist. A Denver native, Keel earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Music: Technical Voice from Fisk University, a historically Black college in Music City USA: Nashville, TN. Performing as JoFoKe (pron:Joh-Foh-Kee), she can be found performing worldwide as a solo artist, with her band “aNem (and them)” and duo project with Solomon Chapman, “SoJourn”.  JoFoKe also remains a highly sought after session vocalist, writer/arranger, vocal producer, music director, clinician and performer.

Wherever performing, JoFoKe uses her platform to advocate for suicide prevention and to #RemoveTheStigma attached to mental illness. A mental illness battler and suicide attempt survivor herself, she proclaims that, every time she lifts her voice, she is “singing for my life!” Her forthcoming debut single, “Count (Joy)” has become an anthem for audience members, some of whom have mental illnesses themselves. As a result, Keel and her sister, Stacie Alexander founded the ‘Count Joy Network’. CJN works to raise awareness about mental health issues and connect and expand access to treatment primarily in the Black community. JoFoKe and her network are committed to connecting each fighter to the resources they need to live, love, fight & count joy FOR THEIR LIVES.