A Taste Of Colorado – DIME Denver Stage


DIME Denver is proudly hosting an acoustic/ chill out stage at The Taste of Colorado 2017. Labour day weekend will be crammed with amazing live music. Student musicians who have enrolled for the first year at DIME Denver will be showcasing their talents, along side local bands who have been playing the DIME stage throughout the past year, and artists from Denvers awesome underground music scene. Additionally, DIME Denver will be collaborating with local community projects Youth on Record and FreeMusicforFreePeople who will be showcasing their network of incredible musicians.

Local musicians are encouraged to come down and join in the fun as their will be an Open Mic running on Friday and Monday at 12pm, so if you fancy 5 minutes on stage head down to A Taste Of Colorado and join in the fun.

Members of DIME Denver faculty will be on sight to answer any questions, give away music freebees such as T-shirts and guitar pics, and additionally be making short appearance’s on the stage throughout the weekend as they are all musicians too! So please come down and say hi and join in the fun.