STUDENT STORIES – Jo Jakubowski (Music Industry Studies)


DIME Denver caught up with one of our newest students Jo Jakubowski, who is studying the Music Industry Studies degree program.

Jo has performed in venues and cafes such as Bluebird Theater, Pre-K & Java Jam cafe, but can mainly be found hosting shows at local DIY venues like Club Scum and Seventh Circle Music Music Collective.

What is your background in music and education?

I’ve been playing music around Denver for the past few years as a guitarist and bassist; as a solo act and playing in a wide variety of bands.

How did you find out about DIME Denver?

I found out about DIME through ads around the Tivoli (MSU student union) and through research found it was a great fit.

What made you choose to apply to study with us?

I’ve always wanted a job in the music industry and DIME was able to offer everything I needed to get there.

What are your short and/or longer term academic and career goals?

I’d love to work in band management, helping bands reach the success I see in them.

What do you find most rewarding about your studies so far?

I’m learning a lot about the industry and meeting so many other cool musicians.

What do you find most challenging about your studies and how do you plan to overcome that challenge?

I’m loving the challenge of analysing music but with practice I hope to get better.

Who are some of your music / industry / entrepreneurial influences?

I would say I look up to Aaron Saye and take a lot of inspiration from Zack Hill.


Jo currently works on many projects including his solo project, PoRf, Waifu & Emily.