STUDENT STORIES – Heather Hunt (Guitar)

Heather Hunt - Guitar

DIME Denver caught up with one of our newest students Heather Hunt, who is studying the Commercial Music Performance (Guitar) degree program.

What is your background in music and education?

My background in music is small. I’ve only taken on/off lessons, been in a few bands and jazz band. I don’t know much yet behind music theory.

How did you find out about DIME Denver?

I found out about DIME through a friend who met Siddy and Kit through the Metro Radio Station.

What made you choose to apply to study with us?

I wanted to apply because I wanted to start taking music seriously.

What are your short and/or longer term academic and career goals?

My short and long term career/academic goals are to learn more than I ever have before about music and in the long run find a stable career alongside music.

What do you find most rewarding about your studies so far?

I find it rewarding how interactive this program is in helping me become a stronger musician.

What do you find most challenging about your studies and how do you plan to overcome that challenge?

I find it most challenging that I have a lack of background knowledge on a lot of music theory. I will overcome it by getting extra help.

Who are some of your music / industry / entrepreneurial influences?

Some of my influences are Led Zeppelin, Jack White, Grace Potter and Brian Epstein.