Student Registration/Orientation at DIME Denver!

Registration and Orientation Day Poster Denver

Congratulations to all of the students who passed their audition and made it on to the program. We are very proud and can’t wait for you to begin paving your future in music.

Student Registration and Orientation will take place at DIME Denver on Thursday, January 11th 2018 with registration from 10am-12:30pm (you will receive individual times) and orientation from 12:30pm-3pm.

Students will get to meet each other, understand more about their chosen programs, meet the faculty, previous students and hear amazing live performances!

Located at DIME Denver, 800 Kalamath Street, Denver, CO 80204

This is a DIME Denver student only event! If you are interested in our music programs, please email [email protected]

There is still some time to become a DIME Denver student in January 2018, if you are interested get in touch asap via (303) 623 1600.