DIME Denver students experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity – to record a studio album for the first time as budding artists. The Detroit Institute of Music Education has announced the release of their 4th annual student album, DIME Sessions, Vol. 4. Set to hit via Original 1265 Recordings, DIME Sessions, Vol. 4 will be available digitally on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play & Spotify on August 24.

The latest student compilation album from DIME is a collection of 11 original songs, each written and performed by the talented students and each one produced by top professional producers, associates, and friends of the rapidly growing music institution. DIME Denver students will be celebrating the release of the new album by hosting an album release party and listening session for friends, family, and peers. This event will take place on August 24, at Third and James recording studio where some of the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered. Entry is free and doors open at 6:30 pm.


DIME Sessions Vol 4 Artist line up:
Al’Exist – The One: DIME Detroit (Soul/Funk)
Roy 3pOiNtOh– I Am: DIME Detroit (Rap)
Tonguebyte– Obvious Decision: DIME Denver (Indie/Pop)
Devyn Rae – Murky Waters: DIME Denver (Singer/Songwriter)
Ryan Haley – Little Boy Blue: DIME Detroit (Rock/Blues)
Taei – Minnesota: DIME Detroit (Electronic/Soul)
George Montrelle Wilson – Over Your Love ft Alivia Combs: DIME Detroit (Soul/Motown’esq)
Ally Evenson – All My Days and Nights: DIME Detroit (Indie/Acoustic)
Gestalt – Coloriz: DIME Denver (Singer/Songwriter)
Andy Solomon – Horizon: DIME Online (Progressive Rock)
Dusty Rose – Master of Forgiving: DIME Denver (Acoustic)
Olive – Kombucha Water Bottle: DIME Detroit (Indie/Pop)


It is an exciting opportunity for DIME’s aspiring writers and musicians to share their high-quality work, DIME Sessions, Vol. 4 reflects DIME’s core mission of giving students an immersive and one-of-a-kind music education. In keeping with the DIME Ethos of “prepare for success,” DIME Sessions prepare students for the ever-evolving industry, walking them through how to deal with everything from A&R, arranging and production to photoshoots and branding.

DIME co-founders Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman have extensive experience having guided many musicians over the years in the same way, with acts like Tom Odell and James Bay included on earlier albums during their ownership of the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), which Nixon and Clayman also founded in 2001 and sold in 2012.

DIME Sessions was conceived as a hands-on way to experience the reality of the Music Business. With an eclectic mix spanning genres ranging from soul, funk, rock, rap, folk, and pop, DIME Sessions, Vol. 4 is an impressive showcase of the diverse talent that the DIME Group fosters.

Each track was crafted from a unique, first-hand learning experience, where students from DIME’s Detroit and Denver campuses, as well as DIME Online, collaborated with respected producers and skilled engineers in top-notch recording studios globally to bring their original music to life.