Jill Sobule’s top tips for songwriting


Next week we have an incredible songwriting workshop, it’s free and it’s with the legendary artist and songwriter Jill Sobule. We caught up with her and asked her some questions to help offer insight to any budding songwriters out there.

1.Do you have any tips for conquering writers block?
I trick myself into writing. I’ll make myself sit down for, say, 20 minutes and write about something I just read in the paper or watched on TV. It has to be loose and with no sense of rhyme, reason or grammar. You just have to get the engine going. Or another: I’ll go to a public place like a train station, pick out an interesting person, and write about what I imagine their life to be about. It kind of sounds weird but it works. Lastly, collaborating with others helps you get out of your rut.

2.What would your advice be for a songwriter walking into a co-write for the first time?
You gotta leave any ego or self-consciousness outside the writing room door. Hopefully your co-writer does the same. Just remember to have fun. If it works out great, if it doesn’t, no big deal.

3.How do you push yourself to keep writing original chords, melodies and lyrical content?
When I pick up the guitar (my main instrument) I always seem to go to the same stuff. So, I like taking up instruments that I suck at. I have a big upright bass (I am short) and a drum set. I also have so many music apps on my IPad – I love the Mellotron one. I also like to try to write the lyrics first too. I then see the melody and music as a kind of soundtrack to the story.

If you want to attend the workshop all you have to do is contact us at [email protected] and join us at 6.30pm on Wednesday evening (06.28.2017) for this awesome event.