DIME Presents: Interview with Turvy Organ

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Turvy Organ are due to play DIME Presents this Friday (Jan 27th). A new monthly night showcasing DIME Denvers favorite music on the scene. We only book music we love, so always expect a killer line up!

We came across Ilya and Paul (Turvy Organ front man and guitarist) at The Meadowlark open mic in November’16. We had just moved to Denver from the UK and had exactly 1 friend (the bartender), so when they graced the stage and played some original tunes that shouted Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes (two of my favorite lyricists), we were determined to befriend them and have been hanging and jamming it out ever since. Their full band line up is both intricate and powerful. There are 3 siblings in the band, so their tightness on stage is undeniable. The overall Turvy Organ sound is nostalgic, it reminds me of my teenage years (in a good way), and their song content ranges from sad to bad-ass, so if you like emotive indie rock, read this weird/interesting Q&A with our main man Ilya and RSVP for DIME Presents.

How did the Turvy Organ start?
Turvy Organ started literally in my parents garage while I was living in Texas. I had 2 tape recorders, a Casio toy piano and a few poems I had been writing on existentialism.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Denver?
We’ve always enjoyed our relationship with everyone at Larimer Lounge. They have been very supportive of our style. But its hard to say. We have only been a 6 piece (our current lineup) since March 2016, so there are still many places we would love to play. We’re getting to know a lot of really great people and venues on our journey through Denver.

What is your pet peeve?
A pet peeve of mine is any kind of rhythmic sound in the middle of the night as I’m trying to fall asleep. It will drive me into a world of stress and frustration. Maybe I have misophonia.

What’s your band’s spirit animal?
I would have to say that the crow is Turvy Organ’s spirit animal. I have a few songs I’ve been working on that feature crows heavily. I seem to be noticing them more and more.

Tell us about your next shows/releases/adventures?
We started recording our new EP this year with the help of some very talented people. We will be trying out some different techniques and approaches with recording this time as compared to our first album. You can expect to hear a single off of this EP in early spring of 2017 along with a music video. We’re also working on a series of short films to tie in thematically with the music video that we will be releasing in the months prior. Come down to DIME Denver on the MSU Campus on Friday January 27th. We will be sharing some of our new music and the stage with a few of Denver’s most talented bands.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
A detective for some intergalactic police department.

Who is your idol?
I don’t believe in idols. I do look up to songwriters like Isaac Brock, Tim Kasher and Conor Oberst. They still inspire me to this day.

Finish this sentence….
Music……, one of the few parts of life that will always work.

Anything else on your mind?
Denver has some of the most interesting alleys.

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THANKS ILYAAAAA. Besides wanting to start a P.I firm with you, we agree, Denver really does have some cracking alleys.

To hear their sweet sweet music LISTEN HERE.
This Friday, Turvy Organ will be playing our DIME Presents launch party alongside Evan Holm & The Restless Ones, Random Temple and Wildflowers.
To attend DIME Presents, all you have to do is RSVP here

Written by Siddy Bennett; Lead singer/ songwriter of Wildflowers, Co-host of DIME Presents Radio Show at Met Media, Events and Marketing manager at DIME Denver and vegan activist/cook for Wild Vegan. Follow on Twitter @siddybennett