DIME Presents: Interview with Silver Face

silver face

Photo Credit: Tom Murphy

Silver Face are due to play DIME Presents this Friday, (March 3rd). It’s a brand new, FREE, monthly night showcasing DIME Denvers favorite music on the scene. We only book music we love, so always expect a killer line up! To attend the show, (It Kicks off at 8pm). All you have to do for FREE ENTRY is RSVP here.

We discovered Silver Face at our very own open mic night. Lead singer Gabriel, Camron (Bass), Michael (guitar) and Random (drums), came down and started jamming out a few Silver Face tunes and the room set alight. They boast serious riffs, 60s/early ’70s psych fuzz rock, strands of folk, and 80’s chime, basically; pure new fashioned rock n roll. A top tip for working in the music industry is to never be an asshole, and these guys are all winning because they are serious dudes and we can’t wait to have them back at DIME for a full blown set. I caught up with Gabriel and asked him some questions about music, pet peeves and general life….

How did the Silver Face begin?
Silver Face began in Puerto Rico as a semi solo project and then I got a band together and we played a few shows and then that ended and I got a “new” band to play new songs, but that never materialized into an actual band playing shows, and eventually I ended up moving to Denver in hopes of getting a new band together to keep this project moving and tour and do all the stuff bands are suppose to do.

Describe your sound in 3 words?
Passionate, Ethereal, Fuzzed out rock with groove.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Denver?
House shows are my favorite honestly but Larimer Lounge and The Hi Dive are my favorites because of the sound and there’s always a crowd which helps a new band a lot.

What is your pet peeve?
Actors? I like honesty and people being straightforward, I hate passive aggressive people.

Tell us about your next shows/releases/adventures?
Next show with Silver Face is on March 3rd at Dime (of course) and we’re getting new songs together and hopefully heading out on the road late summer, fingers crossed! I also recently released a lo-fi acoustic EP recorded on a 4 track tape recorder (I didn’t have any other options but it lends well to the music, which I’m really happy about). I’ll be releasing more acoustic stuff as the year progresses and maybe play a few shows if I can get over “solo-stage fright”. And last but not least I started recently playing bass in my friends band Poison Rites which is a punk rock, Motorhead type of band with really fun fast songs. We’re playing Streets of London on April 12th and we’re playing SXSW in March and then touring the East Coast in late April so the calendars full at the moment!

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
I wanted to be a musician because I started playing music right around 9 years old and I fell in love immediately with it. It felt like a magical power, to be able to play music, it just blew my mind away that I was gonna play an instrument.

Who is your musical hero or heroine?
Really really hard question, guitarist wise Magic Sam, Hendrix, BB King, Bert Jansch etc… All around musician at this time in my life Robert Fripp, just for his audacity and sense of no-fear when it comes to creating music. I wish I could be as adventurous, melodic and experimental as he has been with his music.

Finish this sentence….
Music…? Whats that smell

Anything else on your mind?
On my mind right now is having to go to work which isn’t that bad, hoping to stay healthy for future plans and not worrying to much about shit I don’t have control over!

Listen to Silver Face HERE

THIS FRIDAY: Silver Face will be playing DIME Presents alongside The Raven and The Writing Desk, The Guestlist and Wildflowers.
To attend DIME Presents, all you have to do is RSVP HERE

Written by Siddy Bennett; Lead singer/ songwriter of Wildflowers, Co-host of DIME Presents Radio Show at Met Media, Events and Marketing manager at DIME Denver Follow on Twitter @siddybennett