DIME Presents: Interview with The Guestlist


The Guestlist are due to play DIME Presents TONIGHT, (March 3rd). It’s a brand new, FREE, monthly night showcasing DIME Denvers favorite music on the scene. We only book music we love, so always expect a killer line up!

It was actually word of mouth from other Denver musicians that led me to investigate The Guestlist. I’m always on the scout for sweet bands to play DIME Presents, and The Guestlist were repeatedly mentioned to me by Denver musicians. Josh attended one of our open mic’s and we were blown away by rock n roll, 1920’s speakeasy vibes. This band is original. From songwriting to line up, (it includes Sax and Trumpet). They have been making waves on the Denver music scene, and are currently recording new material, (exciting) which will no doubt be showcased at tonight’s show. SO don’t miss out ladies and gents, tonight is gonna rock your socks off.

To attend the show, (It Kicks off at 8pm). All you have to do for FREE ENTRY is RSVP here.

How did the The Guestlist begin?
JOSH: Cameron and I started the band “Ashen Embers”, which disbanded almost immediately after our debut release in late 2012 as half the band went halfway across the globe to travel. I began to play solo but shortly decided playing with the band was a much better fit. We found Zach Holcomb (keyboards) as Cameron and Zach both were going to music school at UCD for Jazz. Shortly after adding Zach to the group, we found Tate Ignelzi (drums), once again through school, and started gigging and playing with a rotating list of people each show. Once we started to discover our own sound a bit more, we added Eric Estrada (trumpet) and shortly after Kyle Videtzky (saxophones), also both through school. The Guestlist began under the name Josh Moorehead with Guests, but when we had a show at the Meadowlark (which is free entry) and jokingly told people they were on the guest list, once they arrived the door guy said “Uh… there isn’t a guest list, its free”, so we lost and gained some fans that night. Then we just rolled with The Guestlist.

Describe your sound in 3 words?
ERIC: Raw, Soulful, Fun

What’s your favorite venue to play in Denver?
KYLE: The Bloodswamp. There is just something about the place that makes it so much fun.

What is your pet peeve?
TATE: When people tag our house during our house show parties.

Tell us about your next shows/releases/adventures?
ZACH: We are releasing a single on May 13th at Syntax Physic Opera, it’s a really fun spot. Touring Mid June-Mid July. Planning on releasing our full length album in late summer.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
JOSH: I wanted to be the first person to play in the NFL, NBA, and MLB at the same time.

What’s your bands spirit animal?
CAMERON: A pack of dolphins (our pseudo-psych side project is called Dolphin Crossing)

Who is your musical hero or heroine?
JOSH: Bob Dylan

Finish this sentence….
JOSH: Music is the passion that enjoys itself *Nietzsche paraphrase

Anything else on your mind?
TATE: Mostly music. Pretty excited about DIME, we need more people like you in the Denver music scene.

Ah gee, thanks guys! Can we quote you on that? DONT MISS THE GUESTLIST TONIGHT! Along side: The Raven and The Writing Desk, Wildflowers and Silver Face.

Written by Siddy Bennett; Lead singer/ songwriter of Wildflowers, Co-host of DIME Presents Radio Show at Met Media, Events and Marketing manager at DIME Denver Follow on Twitter @siddybennett