DIME Presents: Interview with Evan Holm & The Restless Ones

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Evan Holm & The Restless Ones are due to play DIME Presents tonight!! It’s a new monthly night showcasing DIME Denvers favorite music on the scene. We only book music we love, so always expect a killer line up!

Evan Holm & the Restless Ones breathe rock n roll. Trust me, we have been to their house parties. He taught me how to 2 step, (proper country dancing apparently), and it’s his love of good country music which resonates with us here at DIME Denver. You can hear influences from artists as old as Hank Williams, but their sound has more of a modern southern gothic, vampire-esk charm. What I love about this band is they are all performers. They put on a real show, which sounds like a ridiculous point to bring up, as you would assume every band does that, but it’s not true. Evan Holm & the Restless Ones have got serious moves and moody grooves. He’s kinda classic, you feel like he (two) stepped out of a movie, so ya’ll should get in the picture tonight and watch the show, (Kicks off at 8pm) also… read his answers to our Q&A, (especially the last one).

How did the band start?
Demoing in my old studio apartment in Baker is ultimately where this project started. I had written these tunes and played them with several different member arrangements over the course of a year or so. This latest lineup, Gann Mathews, Cole Rudy, Zac Wright, Kris Jackson, have played only 3 or 4 shows together.

What’s your favorite venue to play in Denver?
The world famous Hi Dive, Syntax Physic Opera is a great room as well.

What is your pet peeve?
People who don’t use their turn signals while driving.

What’s your band’s spirit animal?
I have a white siamese dumpster kitty I adopted named Crosby who’s a big supporter of our band, although he probably feels obligated.

Tell us about your next shows/releases/adventures?
We are really excited to record our debut LP in March. Next gig is 2/11 at Syntax with Slynger and Shark Dreams. I am also staying busy hosting a honky tonk night at Syntax every 3rd Thursday of the month beginning in February.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
I think I wanted to be Axel Rose.

Who is your idol?
I think it’s really inspiring to see a guy like Willie Nelson doin a hundred some shows a year at 83 years old. He also introduced me to country music, which has pulled me out of some difficult moments. For that I’m very grateful.

Finish this sentence….
Music… changed my life

Anything else on your mind?
Favorite bands in Denver are High Plains Honky, Dragondeer, Last Of The Easy Riders, Anthony Ruptak & The Midnight Friends, Flaurel, Shady Elders, Kinky Fingers and Turvy Organ… Also, fuck Donald Trump

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WOWZER. We can weirdly see Axel Rose actually and also Crosby is the tits! (not sure if that is an American phrase but it should be)

TONIGHT: Evan Holm & The Restless one’s will be playing our DIME Presents launch party alongside Turvy Organ, Random Temple and Wildflowers.
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Written by Siddy Bennett; Lead singer/ songwriter of Wildflowers, Co-host of DIME Presents Radio Show at Met Media, Events and Marketing manager at DIME Denver Follow on Twitter @siddybennett