DIME 2019 Summer Program Recap

The DIME Summer Program was a great success! Held from June 24-28th, students ranging from 11-18, with a range of backgrounds in music, learned knowledge and skills on their respective instruments (vocals, drums, bass, and guitar). Each day the students learned a new song with a specialist teacher then joined together as a band to rehearse and perform.  In addition, each day the students attended a masterclass with industry professionals and local artists. On the Friday afternoon the students showcased their new skills performing four songs including favorites such as “Ain’t it Fun” by Paramore and “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes.

What students had to say about the Summer Program:

Why choose DIME Denver’s Summer Program?

“Play in a band, meet cool music friends, workshops, and performing”.

“I hope to make connections and friends…and to learn from an amazing vocalist/songwriter”.

“To become more comfortable with performing”.

“I hope to learn how to strengthen my voice… to someday have a career”.

What was your favorite part about attending DIME Summer Program?

“Meeting new people and being pushed”.

“Learning songs faster”.

“Better(ing) myself as a musician”.

What was the best advice you got from the instructors?

“Play simple things, well”.

Why is music important to you?

“It’s a consistent thing that’s gotten me through life. Life would be boring without a soundtrack!”

“It’s a way for people to connect to their emotions and to each other.”

“It’s helped me through dark times and I hope I can help people through that too. It’s the only thing that makes me happy.”



What parents have to say about the Summer Program:

Why did you choose to bring your child to the DIME Summer Program?

“It’s a great local option for a music school.”

“She’d been looking for an opportunity and it came up on Facebook! Thanks so much.”

“She loves to sing and wanted to learn more (and) to get feedback on how to improve.”

You support your child in playing music, what do you think is most important about learning music?

“The process of learning and growing… enjoying their talent.”

“Appreciation of various genres and that practice, practice, practice is what it takes for anything in life.”

DIME Denver had such a great time hosting all of these talented young musicians! We are already looking forward to next Summer and everything 2020 will hold for DIME.