STUDENT STORIES – Devyn Rae (Songwriting)


DIME Denver caught up with one of our newest students Devyn Rae, who is studying the Commercial Songwriting degree program.

By the time I was sticky fingered and able to explore my surroundings, my dad had been in at least 3 bands as the drummer in all genres of music. I was always with him at band practice and when I wasn’t there I was in the back seat of a Silver Honda Civic jamming out to artists like Ice Cube or The Cranberries with my mom in the front seat driving my sister and I on our daily routines.

It had to have been the age of 7 or maybe 8 that I started showing a curiosity about music. I was always around music, it wasn’t until I started to mess around with a guitar that was always hiding in my parents closet that I understood how creating sounds from an instrument worked. From there on those sticky little fingers were now fingers of black linear residue left from the strings of that lost black Ibanez electric guitar in mom and dad’s closet. I later would attempt songwriting at a young age and as I matured I began choir class in middle school, Shaw Heights middle school is where I met Miss Donaldson and she taught me so much about vocals in such little time.

I soon became an avid choir student and was awarded Best Female Vocalist in 2009 on a sweet paper that was printed off like a graduation certificate and it was so fancy that it was printed in color. I later discovered jazz through my grandfather and I became influenced by jazz and R&B artists and I became obsessed with soul and how freeing it was for a singer which is where my tone and sound as a singer and musician comes from.

From there on I kept the love for music and today I stand on stage as the name of DEVYN RAE. While I was in the early stages of college I was also in a side program with my first mentor Mario J Romero. I learned the process of recording as well as writing. This led to more gigs and for the first time I could see and opportunity for a career in music.

In 2016 my aunt Gena introduced me to the program DIME Denver when she had heard about it from some friends and colleagues. My aunt Gena is a marketing designer as well as an artist of many paintings here in Denver, I respect her as a working artist herself so I looked it up and HERE I AM.


I chose the songwriting program at DIME Denver because after doing the research and hearing more from the staff I felt that DIME was driven for the students to be successful in the music industry not just around it. I had never heard of a songwriting degree and I felt it was time to do something that helped me be a better artist and musician. My goals are to advance in my songwriting abilities and keep a steady routine.

The long-term goals I have set after the DIME program is to be fluent in the music language and to have the ability, experience and education to work on songwriting, focussing on my own music. becoming a successful working artist in the industry as well as working with others. I want to eat, breathe and live by music. Throughout this semester of studies, I have been writing 100% more that I ever have and I am learning how to create better songs with more to offer.

The hardest part about any music degree is that there is no definite road but if I apply myself and intent and passion I know I can create a future for my music and the work that I do.

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