Learn from industry professionals on one of our 6-week short courses.

Find Your Voice
Each week of this short course will focus on vocal technique, allowing singers to take steps towards being a versatile professional, stretching outside of their comfort zones and better preparing them for performance situations.
Music Business Basics

How does an entrepreneur make their mark on today's music industry? This informative class will discuss the in's-and-out's of licensing, publishing, copyright, marketing, promotion, and most importantly, how to build your business!

Your Song

This course will help hone your skills as a wordsmith, with topics like dissecting imagery, metaphor, and simile within lyrics, analyzing lyrical devices found in both contemporary hit songs as well as indie classics, and exercises designed to work through writer's block, allowing songwriters to jump start their creative process even when the well seems dry.

So how does it work?

Learn from the Best

We have a pretty awesome team at DIME Denver of instructors who are active in today's music industry. We want to share our knowledge with the wider Denver music community and connect likeminded individuals on subjects that they love.

Study Current Music

We know how hard it can be to find education on popular music styles. Whether you're into rock, pop, r&b, indie or funk, we've got you covered.

Get Connected

What better place than DIME to find your next bandmate, manager, or co-writer? Use DIME Denver as a place to connect & collaborate with others who are looking to launch music projects, form bands, promote shows, and more.

Choose your Course

Find Your Voice, Your Song, or Music Business Basics!

Purchase Online

You can buy the course right online, and we'll follow up with you 1 week prior to the start date to make sure you have all the information you need.

Class begins February 19th

We'll meet on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks. Performance based classes will conclude with a performance on the last week of class!