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The U.S. recorded music industry (including concerts and touring) grew to $15.5 billion in 2016, up from $15 billion in 2015. Thanks to streaming and live music, the U.S. recorded music industry is expected to surpass $18 billion by 2020 ($16 billion from streaming services and live music alone).  Source

At DIME Denver we know how to help you design and pursue the career path you’ve always dreamed of. The music industry is growing every day, with new and exciting opportunities for everybody.

It is our aim to see you succeed, and some of our students find themselves achieving many of their goals before they even graduate, due to the great networking opportunities and career advice that DIME has to offer.

Whether you prefer working behind the scenes, in front of a crowd – or both – there are plenty of different roles that you can fill your time with and make good money from.

It is not unusual for musicians to be working on multiple projects at any one time – for example a guitarist might be a session artist during the day, play live shows and sell merchandise a few nights a week, write for a guitar magazine once a month and even tour manage from time-to-time.

A singer could run workshops, perform in a function or/and original band, co-write with other artists, teach vocals, manage other artists, be a booking agent and work as a backing singer.

At DIME we encourage students to keep as busy as possible and to keep aiming high in order to seize the many opportunities that the music industry has to offer.

The list of job roles available in the music industry is certainly extensive, and with the industry making more money now than it has in a decade, our students are succeeding every day in becoming the latest record label managers, live agents, recording artists, song writers, music therapists, A&R, PR, producers, stage techs, and more!

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